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The Singapore Battery Consortium will be sharing exclusive content for members periodically in this section. The content includes slides from SBC-affiliated seminars and webinars, exploration of technological trends, outlook and challenges in different battery markets, as well as global survey of battery-related intellectual property.

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SBC Exclusive: Repurposing of Lithium-ion Batteries: Technology & Market Insights

In partnership with IPI Singapore and NTU SCARCE, the Singapore Battery Consortium presents this whitepaper examining the issue of the repurposing of lithium-ion batteries with relevant technology and market insights. In this study, we identified the key drivers and barriers for adoption of second life batteries. The challenges highlighted in this report include handling the diversity of electric vehicle (EV) battery packs in the market, costly battery transportation, development of grading and disassembly processes, difficulty in accessing historical data of used batteries, and the lack of unified standards for used battery repurposing. This report is available exclusive to our consortium members, and we hope that it will be useful in your market research and survey of the technological landscape.

SBC Exclusive: Publications & Patent Landscape in Singapore

Singapore Battery Consortium is pleased to share this exclusive content for consortium members on "Publications & Patent Landscape in Singapore". The deck surveys the global trends in battery-related publications and patents, and gives an in-depth benchmark of Singapore research entities against the global standard. The IP analysis is also classified into different battery topics, such as battery management systems, battery materials, different battery chemistries, etc.

SBC Exclusive: Overview and Outlook of ESS Technologies

Singapore Battery Consortium is pleased to share this exclusive content for consortium members on "Overview and Outlook of ESS Technologies". The deck surveys nine different technologies of energy storage systems (ESS), , and examines the outlook, feasibility, and challenges for various technologies, such as lithium-ion batteries, flywheels, compressed air energy storage, redox flow batteries, etc. 

SBC Exclusive: Advanced Battery Analytics Trends and Outlook

Singapore Battery Consortium is pleased to share this exclusive content for consortium members on "Advanced Battery Analytics Trends and Outlook". The deck explores the area of battery analytics, surveying the landscape for patents, global market trends, as well as future challenges and opportunities.  

SBC Battery Analytics Roundtable Slides

Thank you once again for participating in SBC's "Roundtable Discussion on Battery Analytics for
New & 2nd Life Batteries" on 24th September 2020. A recording of the webinar can be viewed at this link. The slides from the webinar can also be downloaded from this page.